Get elegant look with wainscoting wall paneling – When we talk about the wainscoting wall paneling, then we need to know the meaning of the two first. Wall paneling is a product used to enhance the appearance of the interior of a room that is usually present in the form of finished wooden surface. Meanwhile wainscoting refers to the use of material of wall panels in order to cove the bottom of the wall.

wainscoting wall paneling design - Wainscoting Wall Paneling Design Ideas

(1) Functions – by using wall paneling to complete the interior of a room, then we will get a hardwood surface that is more durable that we can paint or stained. In addition, we will be easy to clean and does not require complicated maintenance. We will need to apply wainscoting on the walls at a distance of between 3 to 4 feet off the bottom in order to provide protection to the surface of the drywall that is vulnerable to damage.

(2) The aesthetic value – by using wainscoting wall paneling, then we will add to the beautiful look of a room, adding architectural elements to be more fun to look at, and certainly we’ll get a more attractive interior space. Elegant impression will we get if we decide to apply wainscoting panels on the wall.

(3) Type – basically there are 3 main types of wainscoting panels to the wall flat panel, raised panel, and bead-board. Flat panels are the most expensive type of panel that is capable of providing a decorative look charming with a clean finish and can be installed using the raised trim. Raised panels are one of the types of panels are widely applied to create a classic look and we can find it easily in a variety of high-end models of the old house. Bead-board is the type most widely used panels with vertical tongue in groove finish.