Make it by yourself – If at this time we intend to apply vinyl window installation, then we must take measurements for length and area of the window opening that we will install. After that, we can begin the installation work by setting up some equipment such as a screwdriver, hammer, finish, and so on in order to increase the installation job we do.

First, use a level to check the under surface of the stud new window should to be placed or not.

Second, position the vinyl window into the frame and ask for help from some friends because this window is quite heavy to lift alone. After that, place the window in the middle of the frame so that it can fit with the position of the frame. To ensure that the position has been in the middle of the window then we can choose to use a carpenter’s square.

beautiful vinyl window design - Vinyl Window Installation Tips

Third, to be comfortable, add some shims on the side of the window and make sure it is not too tight because it can make the window cannot be operated with the maximum.

Fourth, secure the window in place by driving nails through the nailing flange and start from the top. Make sure all four sides of average and adjusted using suitable screws.

Fifth, before we tighten the shims, check if the window can function properly or not. Open and close a few times to test the functionality of the window. When everything is good, then we can tighten the shims with the use of 2-inch nails.

Sixth, secure and protect the windows by installing spray foam or fiberglass between the gaps around the window. Close the window with trim board or drywall from inside and use aluminum and apply caulk to seal from the outside.

So, the vinyl window installation is quite easy and fun to do, right?!.