Oak kitchen table has different grain texture depending on the oak tree type. With the beautiful natural grain, the oak wood can only be sealed and finished in natural color.

Oak has been used for furniture materials for a long time of history. It is chosen as the best material for furniture because it has versatile performance and it last longer than other type of wood.  The dense grains of the oak make it the best material for furniture because it will endure many things especially when it is used as oak kitchen table.

oak kitchen table design - Oak Kitchen Table Design Ideas for Rustic Styled Homes

The most loved feature of the oak kitchen table is that it can be fitted to any style of kitchen. Whether your kitchen is contemporary or rustic styled, the oak wood will make a good kitchen table with the suitable shape and stain finish.  There are many types of oak that has different grains in its natural look so that it can give your kitchen not just the look of the shape but also the authentic texture of the oak wood.

The oak kitchen table for rustic kitchen can use the tiger oak that has stripy pattern on the natural grain or the pippy oak that has the pattern like cat paws. You can also check on the American white oak that has the circular pattern of grains that can also be an alternative or oak table material. The exotic look of the oak wood will give the rustic styled kitchen a beautiful look even when it is only stained with natural and clear finish and seal. The shape of the stool or chairs that match the oak dining table will also add the beautiful rustic look to the kitchen.

oak kitchen table material - Oak Kitchen Table Design Ideas for Rustic Styled Homes

Being placed in the kitchen, the oak kitchen table will mostly in contact with water, that is why sealing with water proof sealing will help in making it last longer. Other than that sealing process, the oak kitchen table and chairs will only need to be cleaned twice a week with regular dusting and damp cloth for the dirtier part of the table.