Log cabin or a house made from logs is one of the most popular houses in North America. Log Cabin could be quickly built, provide protection from cold, snow, even bullet and arrow. The Log cabin is easily to build as long there is timber for construction. As an impermanent shelter, Log Cabin becomes the main choice for European settler in America. Then, log cabin becomes one of the symbols of American self-sufficiency and humble origin. But, do you know the origins of Logs Cabin? Today, we will explore about the origin of Log Cabin and expose them to you.

The origin of the log cabin is uncertain, but the oldest record about log cabin was described in architectural treatise De Architectura. Written by Roman Architect Vitruvius Pollio, De Architectura mentioned that Log Cabin was probably built in Northern Europe at 3500 B.C. Log Cabin become tradition in Northern Europe especially, Scandinavian Countries, Germany and Northern Russia. Then the traditions of building log cabins spread into whole Europe. The Finns, as well as the Swedes is the best log cabin builder since they applied many techniques into their log cabin. The Finns and Sweden are use round, hewn and squared logs to construct their log cabins. When European settler, including the Finns and the Swedes began to arrive in North America, they brought their knowledge and technique with them. Since it’s hard to get supply and building materials in North America, the settler from Europe choose to make use the forest log. With vast supply of logs from North America, Log Cabin becomes the preferred type of shelter.

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Log cabins are not meant to be permanent, but many log cabins become permanent. Some log cabins evolve to become more like permanent house. With attention on detail and size, some log cabins evolve to become permanent building. Log cabin evolves and nurture in North American tradition since then. William A Durant, the President of Adirondack Railroad, build Great Camps in the Adirondacks. The Great Camps in the Adirondack become place to escape from summer heat and retreat to simple life for very wealthy client. In Great Camps, every log cabin was designed by architect to structure a lot of room, fireplaces and porches. The Civilian Conservation Corps, the National Park Service and U.S. Forest service worked together to build thousands of Log Cabins during Great Depression of the 1930s.  The tradition of Log Cabin remains alive in modern time right now.

Taking care of your log cabin can be either easy or difficult. Yet, some highlight points you should take as considerations as maintaining a log cabin is also not a simple thing to do. The annual cleaning is apparently extremely important. I said it as annually, because it is only used on holiday, or certain times, thus it does not need a daily cleaning. Insects are another different level of cleaning problem. Not living in it every day, can be meant you do welcoming the insects to be part of your pillows, sofas, beds, and some other places at the cabin.