Bring full of comfort in the room – If we want to implement a home library design, then there are some things that we must pay attention and this following is the list:

(1) choose the right place – we can design a personal library in various places or rooms in the house accordance with what we want – whether close to bedroom, in the living room, near the dining room, in the kitchen, in the corner of the room, and others. Make sure we choose a place that can make us comfortable with reading activities that we will do while in the library. No need to be extensive due to the limited space we have we can also bring a cozy library.

smart home library room design - Home Library Room Design Ideas

(2) Choosing the right furniture – furniture that will be needed to make the library more comfortable include: chair, bookcase, and desks. Adjust furniture which we will apply to the size of the room that we use. If the room that we use for libraries is small, so it’s good for us to not put too much furniture – just apply the carpet in the library along with some cushions for added comfort. Adjust also the book collection bookcase with us according to the thickness and shape of the book.

(3) Gather a collection of books – collect all the books we have, note the title and make a classification that will help us when we have to get a search.

(4) Choosing the right light – the existence of the lights in the library is very important because we will need the light it produces to read books that we have. Not just any light we can apply into the library, so make sure we choose the type of lighting that can make eyes still feel comfortable while reading. By applying the right kind of lighting, then the eye will be spared from feeling uncomfortable, tired, and sore.

creative home library room design - Home Library Room Design Ideas

(5) Taking care of the book – if we want to apply a great home library design, then we must be willing to take care of all the books we have to keep them clean and tidy. Do not forget to facilitate library space with a window so that we can use to make books remain dry and protected from the smell. The trick is to open the windows wide and let the sunshine illuminates the room, including a collection of books that we have.