Speaking of Colonial house plan is tantamount to talk about a design classic, beautiful, and warm. It is a style that has been known in America for hundreds of years ago. If we tried to implement a plan of the house with this style, so we have chosen a style that can make everyone resonate. Simple and efficient design is the hallmark of a colonial house in which to architectural style we will get a rectangle shape and large columns. Do not expect we’ll find something asymmetrical here because this is house with a very symmetrical style – as well as the size of the window that is made with ​​uniform shapes and sizes. In addition, we will find a gabled roof from side to side or hipped roof. As for the entrance, we will find a door with tall columns that stretch.

cozy colonial house design - Colonial House Design Plans

We will find many styles of Colonial house plan ranging from American style to British style – all have their respective characteristics. For Dutch colonial house, for example, the use of building materials that are often applied is stone and brick, while the colonial home of the UK we will find wood as the main building material. America’s own style influenced by various styles of various countries so that we will get a lot mix styles in American colonial style house owned. While having a diverse mix of styles, but there are certain elements that bind so that we will get a uniform colonial style house with one another.

traditional colonial home design - Colonial House Design Plans

(1) Colonial house has dormer windows and unique roof line – we will find the double hung windows and shutters feature.

(2) Colonial house has a welcoming hall with rooms that are on all sides – the floor plan of a colonial house that we will meet is usually a large entrance, living room on one side, dining room on the other side, bedroom in upstairs, kitchen and other private rooms on the back area. Advantage that we can get by applying a colonial house is that the design is appropriate and suitable for entertaining guests.