Cape Cod house plans were originally developed by the British settlers who living in America in the early 1600s. They developed a style that displays the front of the house which looks plain with central door flanked by two windows, and a gabled roof with small dormers. The earliest style that can be seen from Cape Cod is the use of straw cottage with a simple design that is common in England.

wonderful cape cod house design - Cape Cod House Design Plans

The principle of a Cape Cod house design as a whole is the fact that these houses have straight lines, clean, simple, and functional. The roof is used typically have steep slopes that are able to create a charming gables and have very little overhang. The use of dormers in the roof helps to improve headspace and the use of the upper floors. For the flooring material that used by many Cape Cod home style is wood. Since the beginning of manufacture, wood chosen because it has several advantages not possessed by other types of flooring such as stone or tile. When we look at the Cape Cod style home design in the past, then we will find the presence of large central chimney linked to fireplace in each room. It is a design that will make us feel the warmth during the winter without the slightest hesitation. As we know, New England as a center where the style was first developed has a harsh winter and cold, so that implement the design of this house will greatly help the population to stay warm during the winter.

magnificent cape cod home design - Cape Cod House Design Plans

Many people are asking whether the Cape Cod house plan comes in affordability and environmentally friendly? Well, do not worry because this is a design that is affordable enough where we can get a house with the perfect size for a family with two children and the price that is certainly not going to make our account drained because of it. To note that in the 1930s Cape Cod home designs are mass produced as a simple structure and ease of build. This makes it quite affordable Cape Cod home. In addition comes with the affordability, Cape Cod including home design is also eco-friendly as it incorporates many features that are made of material that is pro-environment. So, if we intend to implement a Cape Cod house design that supports the Go Green program and perfect as a place to stay, then do not hesitate anymore.