If we want to bring the atmosphere of Asian home design into our house, then the key so that we can be success is with present a simple design and calm. Do not be tempted to put too many pieces or Asian decor into one room because it will not make the room look simple and calm. We will even have a room that is too crowded, full, and packed with a variety of decorations that will ultimately make us not be able to get the core of the application of Asian style decor.

charming asian house design - Asian Home Design Elements

There are some elements that we have to consider before applying Asian home design and here are some of them.

(1) Water – this is one of the elements that must-have when we apply the Asian design where the water is represented as an element that has the look of peace. We can show out the water in the form of a fish pond and see how peace covers our hearts every time we look into the pond.

(2) Screen – Asia has limited interior space that would require the presence of a screen that serves as the main element of the decoration as well as a cover or barrier between spaces. In Japan, we could find any screen with the above function that is called with a Shoji screen. In addition to functioning as a barrier between the room and as the main elements of the decoration of a room, we can also use it to hide unflattering angle.

wonderful asian house design - Asian Home Design Elements

(3) The window – a window on Asian decor serves as a carrier of balance in space. If we had a room with stylish decor vibrant, full color, or have intricate designs, then we have to apply a window with a simpler design as counterbalancing. There are several types of window commonly applied to Asian style homes ranging from the simple wicker to the bamboo window.